What Are the Wrong Methods to Wash Work Clothes?

In this blog post ,you will read:We need to wash clothes every day, but you may don’t know which way is wrong? let us check it

Actually ,the new clothes are very dirty .

Workers should not put on the new uniforms immediately after receiving it. Since new work uniforms may breed bacteria and affect their health, now let us check how to which ways are wrong to wash work uniforms.

  1. High-temperature disinfection

It is well known that there are many bacteria in the new uniforms, so some peoples think that the worker’s uniform should be scalded with boiling water , and they can be worn after disinfection.

In fact, all kind of work uniforms have their own temperature tolerance ranges.

Once the temperature is higher than its allowable range, the uniform will deform and fade.


  1. Mix socks /underwear with work uniforms

Since the invention of washing machine, more and more clothes have changed from hand washing to machine washing. However, lots of peoples mix underwear /socks and their work uniforms for convenience, but this is an unscientific way of washing clothes.

Because work uniforms will be very dirty and sweaty after wearing for a day and machine-washed uniforms are far less clean than mobile phones. Doing so will promote the growth of bacteria in work uniforms and underwear and endanger their health.



3) Didn’t hang wet clothes immediately after wash

After washing the clothes in the washing machine or hand wash , it is best to dry them immediately, because after washing the clothes, the clothes contain a certain amount of water, and the water is the medium for the growth of bacteria. If the clothes are washed, store the clothes in the washing machine for a long time, a lot of bacteria will grow on clothes, which is harmful to human health.