Why Some Clothes Are Fade?

In this blog post ,you will read:When we buy dark color clothes such as black, you will find it may fade, why? Let us check it.

It is a headache problem if the new dark color clothes are fading.

Why would it happen, pls check below


There are many factors that affect clothes fading, but they mainly depend on the chemical structure of the dye, the physical state of the dye on the fiber (the degree of dispersion of the dye, the combination with the fiber), the concentration of the dye, the dyeing method and process conditions, etc.; the nature and dyeing of the fiber The fastness is also very important. 1. Reactive dyes contain hydrophilic groups such as sulfonic acid groups. If the dyes on textiles are not cleaned sufficiently, there will be more unfixed dyes on the fibers. At this time, dyes with high water solubility are easy to fade and stain.


Dark color and bright color clothes are easy to fade . in the other words , while

 those of light color fabric are not easy to fade.


 Therefore, for the dark and bright color fabric should not be soaked for a long

time and washed at a higher temperature. Use cold water to wash and wash it

separately with other clothes .