What Should We Do If the Clothes Are Fade ?

In this blog post ,you will read: 3 tips to teach you how to handle the fading clothes

1)The first method : Soak clothes in salt waterThis method is suitable for some denim suits, and can also deal with some dark color fancy clothes. Try it. First of all, don’t mix and wash the dark newly clothes with other clothes immediately. Put the newly clothes separately in a basin, then add a little salt, then add warm water, and soak for about half an hour to an hour. In this way, then wash as usual.If there is still a little fading at this time, continue to soak for a period of time according to the above method. If you insist on doing this for a long time, the clothes will no longer fade.


2) Send to dry cleaner shop to handle it .

If your clothes are very expensive and you can not handle it ,

you can go to a dry cleaner shop, where you can professionally add color to dye. Copyright No. 5


3) If the clothes is whole white ,use bleach wash to sock it and wash it /

After use upper any method to do it , pls hang clothes in reverse way

This method is also very simple, just needs to turn the clothes to another side and hang it . In fact, most of clothes avoid exposing to direct sunlight . The main reason is that ultraviolet rays will fade the clothes.