Why Need To Order Customize Company Uniform ?

In this blog post ,you will read:Customized work uniforms have lots of advantages –Unified company images / Protect employees and play a role in safety protection.

Why do you want to customize work clothes for employees?

I believe many companies will think that is in order to unify the corporate image.

In fact, custom-made work clothes do not only have this purpose, there are many other functions.

1)Work Clothes can protect employees own clothes

Especially for workers with special tasks, such as sanitation workers, grassroots workers, etc., when they work in a humid or messy environment. Customized work clothes can keep their own clothes to be clean and dry after a hard day’s work, no stains will fall on the clothes worn inside.

2)Better effect for windproof /heatproof and freeze-proof

When workers are working in the cold winter, custom-made work clothes will definitely retain body heat better than ordinary work clothes and play a role in keeping warm. , At least it can better prevent the heat of the external environment from harming workers.


3) Play a role in safety protection

Customized work clothes can choose the material according to the characteristics of the industry, and can also meet a series of requirements such as fire prevention and so on put forward by the company so that the safety of employees can be better protected. For example, traffic police and road maintenance personnel, why do they want to order a yellow fluorescent vest to wear on their bodies? Because this allows drivers to see them from a distance, which plays a safety role.

Over the past 10 years, YW uniform already provided customization work clothes service for more than 500 companies and summarize the above conclusions More questions are welcome. Welcome to leave your point and thought, need any help for customize uniforms, pls send an email to us.