Small tips to Teach You Wash Uniforms Correctly

In this blog post ,you will read:5 tips to teach you how to wash clothes correctly

1)When washing clothes, do not soak clothes too long. If the soaking time is too long, it will cause stains to enter the fibers of the clothes more easily, and if the soaking time is too long, it may also cause the clothes to fade and smell. When soaking clothes, usually keep it for about 15 minutes.


2)When washing clothes, do not put too much laundry detergent.  it is not easy to rinse off, and the laundry detergent remaining on the clothes may cause damage after touching the skin. Cause skin allergies. Therefore, when washing clothes, it is best to add an appropriate amount according to the dosage instructions on the outer packaging of the laundry detergent.


3)When washing clothes, it is best to separate different fabric composition clothes, because different materials clothes have different requirements for water temperature. It is best to wash cotton clothes with water at about 45 degrees. And linen and other linen clothes are best to use a water temperature below 30 degrees.


4) When washing clothes, don’t put underwear and other clothes together in the washing machine.

This is a very bad habit. Because it is easy to cause cross-infection between clothes. When washing clothes, it is best to wash underwear separately from other clothes. If you can wash underwear by hand, use hand washing as much as possible.


5)When washing clothes, dark clothes and light-colored clothes should be washed separately, because dark-colored clothes may fade during the washing process, and if light-colored clothes wash with these faded clothes, It may be dyed and affect the appearance of clothes.