How to Wash the Stains on Clothes ?

In this blog post ,you will read:Sometimes stains on clothes are not easy to wash off. Wearing clothes with stains will leave a bad impression. Today, I will share with you how to clean stains on clothes.

1)If you accidentally drip the soup or fruit juice from the food on the clothes when eating.

it is best not to scrub the clothes too hard,  because the process of scrubbing the clothes will cause the original stain area is enlarged and it is not easy to clean. When the clothes are stained with stains, the correct way is to dry the stained area with a paper towel or other soft cloth that easily absorbs water. If the drippings on the clothes are soup or oil, you can wash a small amount first. Pour the detergent on the stain, let the stain on the clothes dissolve in the detergent, and then follow the normal washing procedure to wash.


2)Use white vinegar to wash it

First pour the white vinegar into a disposable cup, then pour it into the basin to be washed, and then use the normal washing method to wash, you can wash it clean.


3) If the clothes are white, In the stained areas, pour a little 84 bleach liquid and then soak them in clean water for a while. Rub it after a few minutes until it is washed off.


4)Sprinkle a little water on the stained area, then apply a layer of salt on it, rub it with your hands, and then rinse it off with water.


5)To wash with baking soda, first, pour the baking soda into the container, then apply a little baking soda powder on the stain, soak it overnight and then wash it.