Features of School Uniforms Around the World

The school uniform is an important element of the school life. We believe it has numerous benefits ; helping students to focus on their work and their activities while at school , encouraging positive social interaction amongst students and even making life a little easier for parents.

School uniform is a uniform worn by students in private school /public school and other educational institution. School uniforms are the symbol of school and also represent school image.

When students wear school uniforms ,they are easily distinguish from the other people.

It removes the visible differences in social status or wealth . When students wear same school uniforms, it is equal and avoid the craze to vie with each other and psychological comparisons.

School uniforms also include each country’s culture and education concept.

The practice of wearing school uniform has been adopted by many other countries, and is now common in many parts of the world. Let us have a look that the features for different countries, which one you prefer?


Saudi Arabia

School uniforms in Saudi Arabia, navy blue is the symbol , Secondary and middle school girls must wear long dress and kerchief ,boys wear long sleeve shirts and long pants .


School Uniforms in China are sport style , loose fit sportswear .Blue and white color .

Most of students in China think it is not so nice and fashion, but it is comfortable.


School uniforms in Japan are trendy and fashion. The nice uniforms are the factor of kids choose school . Girls school uniforms are sexy and unique . Pleated checked skirts with blouse .


School uniforms in Korea is very similar as Japan school uniforms.

Boys uniforms are white shirts and pants .Girls uniforms are white shirts with pleated skirts and bowknots .


School uniforms in Africa are colorful and bright .

Pink / yellow / blue /burgundy color are very popular in Africa country .

Uniforms must breathable and wicky moisture ,because it is very hot in Africa.


School uniforms in Vietnam are very traditional ,It called Ao Dai ,Long blouse with side vent and long pants .White is pure color for girl. .




School uniform in India are all pants for boys and girls. Probably because of local safety issues.

Girls uniforms with local culture  .


School uniforms in USA are casual and comfortable.

In summer ,short sleeve polo shirts are very popular ,breathable and soft.



The school uniforms for United Kingdom are Elegant, Dark fabric color to make children look more mature and attractive.



School uniforms in Germany is simple and classic, White blouse at inside and navy sweaters at outside, boys wear long pants and girls wear skirts .



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